Ball Drop for 1st Tee

You drop a thousand golf balls above a green, one of them's got to go in the hole....right?

Look out below.

Quite a spectacle at Sun Tides Golf Course.......the annual ball drop rapping up the annual dawn to dusk all day fun at Sun Tides Golf Course. And, it's happening again next week, October 3rd. Stuff going on all day at the course for all ages......the ball drop winner will bank a thousand bucks. The money raised to the first tee yakima.....building character development through the great game of golf. 470 kids doing the first tee thing in the Valley this past summer...pretty big bump up from 2012.

Christina McCarthy "This year we approached southeast community center as well as ypal and madison house. See if maybe we could serve their kids. And, did. Had more than 120 from southeast community center. Went down there every Monday for 9 weeks. Kids participating in the program right there at the facility. Pretty cool, ya."

the cool all day golf extravaganza at Sun Tides will have a little something for every age and all levels of players. The public is invited. Just asking for a donation to help support the first tee yakima...

Christina McCarthy "This year we've had a generous private donar offer to match fund raising up to $5,000. If we can raise $5,000 from this tournament activity we're gonna get 10 out of that."

the first tee, all about learning life values through golf....the first tee boss....all about learning to play golf.

Christina McCarthy "I started in June. How's that going? I shot a 54 on the front 9 one day. The next day it was back to 80 something. You didn't have to add that part...well.."