Crawl through the mud, join in the fun. plunder with the Pirates.

((( Thousands warrior dashing in this workoutpallooza in oregon. A liittle bit of everthing thrown into a whacky obstacle course. You want a shot at this kind of craziness. Here you go. The first ever Pirate Plunder Adventure Race, Sunday, October 7th... Next to K-mart. A Valley buccaneer's dream.

Rich Austin " Village rink crawal, shiver me timbers, walk the plank. Seventeen obstacles over the whole course which is 4.1 miles."

12 foot walls ....mud pits to navigate.....argh. How can you not want to get down and dirty at this history making local event in less than two weeks from now. For all you contemporary, not necessarily marathon fanatic pirates..sign up....individuals...or your whole band of teammates.....on line registration..........or give the fine folks at the sports commission a ring for more info. Jump on board....hundreds already have. Gonna be one for the record books...gonna be a total blast.

Rich Austin "We'll have vendors, we'll have a beverage tent. We'll also have a live band, and some music from radio stations as well. Just kind of a festive atmosphere everything built around a pirate theme." )))