All in the Family - Fast!

All in the Family - Fast!
They grow up so fast. And, then they go faster.

The midgets.....where so many northwest racing legends got their first taste of an exciting sport.....and, then, look out.
Check out number 86....leading the pack. Kyler Conduff.....a midget racer at 4 and a half years old. Fast forward to now. Kyler's 16....and right in the hunt for this season's Sportsman Class points championship at Yakima Speedway.

Kyler "Right now it's just a hobby but hopefully one day I can catch somebody's eye. Is that getting tougher? Because of the economy. The economy has a lot of effect on it. And, finding the right person to impress. Even if you don't end up driving at some point it's going to be part of your life right? Ya, even if I stop driving some day all going to school for something else I'll still be here my whole life. Working on my family, friends, everybody . Kind of in the blood, exactly."

A proud bloodline.....Kyler's grandfather raced.....and then dad Steve, the Speedway's general manager. A proud pop, Steve put the brakes on his career when Kyler climbed behind the wheel as a youngster and never let off the gas. Been a winning family affair ever since.

Steve Conduff "All about him. We all come together, autns, uncles, granddad's grandma's. They all help financially to help us field a car and get it out and give hime the equipment that we do. Fun stuff? Absolutely. It's a great time for all of us to see him succeed."

Succeed he has. No stranger to the winner's circle at Yakima Speedway, and a winner in the classroom as well. Kyler's a 3.5 grade average junior to be at Naches Valley High. I'd say he's got the green flag in life thing going all the way.

Kyler "All in a day's work, huh? Yka, it is work. Have fun. Thank you."