A fired coach sighting!

A fired coach sighting!
I was at the Central Washington football game in Ellensburg this past weekend......

When I saw this guy.

And, I did a double take.

There in the stands at Central's home opener, Blaine Bennett, fired as head football coach just a few days before the Wildcats kicked off pre-season training camp. Some of the alumni at Tomlinson Stadium were stunned to see Bennett there. The fired coach told me he was at the game, trying to keep his sons who joined him later, interested in playing football. Both on the CWU football roster prior to their father being released....both, have since left the program.
Friends and well wishers surrounding Blaine Bennett after the Wildcats game. Not one University official....extending a greeting. There has yet to be even a hint of a reason why the former coach was dismissed in such an untimely fashion. I asked him if he wanted to say anything about it. Bennett declined but promised me that details explaining the whole thing would be coming out........very soon.