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400 lb. football player from Central Wash. gets national attention

400 lb. football player from Central Wash. gets national attention
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WHITE SWAN, Wash. -- He's the big guy in a small town that has everyone talking. It's not just that Tony Picard is a standout on the football field, it's the fact he stands over everyone else that's getting attention.

You've seen Picard before on Action News sports, but now he's making a name for himself on the national stage.

Football players are generally big, but this big?

At 6'4" and 400 pounds, 17-Year-old Tony "Big Tone" Picard isn't just the largest player at White Swan High School on the Yakima Nation, he's five inches taller and 185 pounds heavier than Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch. And 68 pounds heavier than the bulkiest Seahawk on the roster!

"I kind of take advantage of being this size," he said.

It's the fact he's that big and not a lineman that has a YouTube video nearly two million views.

"It's shocking it's last thing I expected," he said.

Tony says he's always been this big. It's always taken five or so people to take him down, so it's a shock he's getting calls from all over the country.

Being in the news in like a local town, or being in the newspaper - I thought that was big and here I got people from Good Morning America, CNN calling me. It's like whoa!"

Tony's not only co-captain of his football team, he's also a varsity basketball player. Not bad for a kid who was once told he was too big to play pee-wee football.

Even though he's grown, his mom says the only thing bigger than his formidable frame is his humongous heart.

Tony says he'd like to go to WSU.
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