"Hawk Rod" rocks the valley!

"Hawk Rod" rocks the valley!
Pumped for a celebration like we've never seen before in the Northwest.

A Hawks fan from the Valley hopes to be riding in tomorrow's Super Bowl victory parade....in style.

Crowd cheering
In for a wild ride. oohing an aweing over the Hawk Rod. A 1979 El Camino Malibu decked out with everything Hawk. This smooth belongs to local fast car and Seahawks fanatic Tommy Triggs. The turf field in the bed soon to be adorned with a Super Bowl Champion touch. Tommy and his Hawk Rod always draw a crowd.

Tommy Triggs "Been working on it for about two years. People give me ideas. People are loving this thing. I got stopped driving down the road. Two girls wanted their picture taken by it. Hey, what's happening baby. You gotta do this here. Do the bobble head see." )))