Kicking her way to the World Championships!

One of the best in the world.

And, she's from right here in the Valley.

Angelica Rivera kicking her way to the Junior World Karate Championships in May.
Angelica " It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to go to Australia. Be on Team USA."
Angelica earning the incredible prestigous honor of representing our country after the barely over a hundred pounds 13 year old from Yakima finished second in weapons and third in Kata at the AAU National Karate Tournament.
Hector Rivera "Beating the odds. A lot of time she is competing against people who are much bigger than her. She's always the smallest. She always amazes us with what she's pulled off."
Pete Hobbs "She's always a joy to have in class. Always trains really hard. Always has a smile on her face. A joy to be around. She's the kind where when I need someone to demonstrate how it should be done correctly I can always choose her."
Angelica was only six years old when for her birthday she asked if she could take karate lessons. Her parents said sure...thinking it wouldn't last long. Seven years later, the first degree black belt's focussed on the ultimtate and with her family Trying to raise the nearly 10 thousand dollars it'll cost for the Union Gap 8th grader and a parent to realize a dream....a trip down under for a shot at the top prize on the planet.
Angelica "I want to try and be world champion. OK. That's a big goal right? That's a big goal. Can she do it? Oh, I believe she can do it. There's nothing that she can't do. She's proven that time and time again." )))