M's Legend Edgar Martinez Visits Pasco

M's Legend Edgar Martinez Visits Pasco
One of the Seattle Mariners legends was in the Tri-Cities on Saturday.

Edgar Martinez retired from baseball 6 years ago.

Many people wonder what baseball players do after they retire.

Well, in Edgar's case, he got into an interesting 2nd career.

Martinez has helped create a new brand of mezcal named El Zacatecano and he was in the Tri-Cities promoting that on Saturday.

A large crowd of fans lined up around the store just to get a chance to meet the Mariners legend.

He spent a couple hours signing posters and bottles of his new drink.

And he says its really an amazing feeling that he's still got all of these die-hard fans all over the region.

Martinez says, "It feels great, you know, still have the connection with the fans around the state and it feels great to come here to Pasco and have a great following and its great they support the mezcal and what we're doing but also that they appreciate my years in baseball, so, it feels great."

Edgar's new drink also has a connection to his old team.

His mezcal is now being served at Safeco Field and he says that's a very neat feeling for him.