Congressman Hastings defends record against newcomer Baechler

Congressman Hastings defends record against newcomer Baechler »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- The countdown continues to election day, and candidates for the 4th Congressional district are vying for every last vote.

Long-time Congressman "Doc" Hastings defended his record against rival Mary Baechler Monday night at the CBC Gjerde Center.

"I am 1 of 20 members of the Committee on Natural Resources. And as Chairman of the committee, I can continue to watch out for the interests of the Northwest."

Political newcomer, Baechler is hoping to unseat the 17-year veteran. She says her experience as CEO of the Baby Jogger company prepared her to fight for women, children and minorities in Central Washington.

"I will be working as an advocate to serve all of these people of this district at all times."

Baechler also says Hastings has shown more loyalty to special interests and campaign donors.

"Doc Hastings has voted for big oil and big gas all these years, and that has not come back to us in lower prices."

But Hastings insists it's his experience that allows him to fight for farmers, tax cuts, and a balanced budget.

"If we repealed Obama-care, we would save trillions, and I have voted already to repeal Obama-care, and I'd do so again. I'd vote to end all bail-out legislation and that too would save some money."

Many voters say the debate helped them make their decision on who to vote for.

Just three weeks remain until election day on Nov. 6.