ELECTIONS 2012: Tracking money to get your vote

ELECTIONS 2012:  Tracking money to get your vote
WASHINGTON STATE -- It is an endless war of words in the run-up to election day.

In a race considered a virtual dead heat, Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna each hope you'll color in their name on your ballot.

In a state that's blue on the left of the Cascades and red in the east, Action News investigated how much money is being focused for your vote.

Line by line, page by page, we scoured the numbers to see which campaign has spent more on advertising in our area. Using the Public Disclosure Commission's website, Action News looked up media buys on the big four networks: CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX.

What we found was truly surprising. Just two weeks before the election, Rob McKenna has outspent Jay Inslee by more than $60,000 in TV ads in Yakima and the Tri-Cities.

McKenna has currently spent $211,000 dollars on TV ads in our area. That compares to $150,000 for Jay Inslee.

Inslee's lack of advertising can be blamed on history. No Democratic candidate for governor has won in our area since at least 1980. So instead of focusing on a lose-lose proposition, Inslee is beefing up his attention in areas evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Statewide, both candidates are tied in the most recent polls. In the end, it may take more than just a negative ad to come out on top.

It's important to note money reported to the PDC is done by campaigns.

We cannot track spending by Political Action Committees, known as PACs.

To see who spent the money for the ad, look for the fine print usually at the bottom of the screen when they air.