Yakima explores alternatives to $30 car tab fee

Yakima explores alternatives to $30 car tab fee
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Another bump in the road for Yakima's car tab fees as city leaders now explore new options besides the fees to fix rundown streets.

It looked like Yakima City Council was going to put a $30 car tab fee on the August ballot but now members are not sure.

KIMA learned they might use money to pay the police department and surplus sales tax revenue instead.

Some city council members say there's not enough time to campaign for the car tabs and don't think it would pass with voters.

"People want us to spend our money better. We already have a huge city budget and they're not feeling they're getting adequate value for their services," said Yakima City Councilmember Sara Bristol.

Yakima city leaders will discuss the new options at Tuesday's city council meeting.