Zaepfel Stadium renovation plans beginning to crystallize

Zaepfel Stadium renovation plans beginning to crystallize »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Another push to renovate Zaepfel Stadium is taking shape. The Yakima School Board met today to go over new plans that went by the wayside once before. Work could run almost $9 million. But, there's no indication where the money would come from.

A track in disrepair. The field, uneven. Add to that, bad lighting and inadequate restrooms.

"It's on its last legs at this stage. It's in dire straits," said Ike track coach, Phil English.

Plans to fix Zaepfel Stadium are now beginning to crystallize. Architects presented updated renovation plans to the school board.

They include moving and leveling the track ,as well as installing new lights around the stadium. Synthetic turf with a new drainage system would replace the current field. Ten more bathrooms, new ticket booths and a better concession stand are also on the list.

The estimated price tag? Almost $9 million.

But the money once earmarked for the stadium was already spent on renovating Eisenhower High School

"A lot of specifics have yet to be ironed out basically and, you know, the money commitment is still something that has to be worked out," said English.

It remains unclear just how these renovations will be paid for. The school district hopes to have more details regarding financing options at the next public meeting. The architects and board need more time to finalize costs and financing proposals.

Amy Karau's son is a senior and on the track team at Ike.

"For a parent who's been really involved in activities at the school and has spent a lot of time there, I feel like the process has probably taken too long. But, I also know that it's not a simple thing to spend the kind of money that they spent on renovating Davis and building an entirely new Eisenhower."

The district hopes to have at least the track, turf and lights done by fall. But, delays could force the Ike and Davis football teams to play somewhere else if it's not done in time.

The next public meeting on the stadium will likely take place in February.