Yakima's future roadwork rings in at $16 million

Yakima's future roadwork rings in at $16 million »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- You told Yakima you want better streets. Now, the city promises to get the job done. Yakima plans to spend almost $16 million dollars on improving worn out streets.

Washington Avenue is one of several streets slated for work in 2014. Yakima plans to tackle 92 lane miles for repaving, painting and more on streets that have been failing for years.

"I don't think Washington needs to be touched for now," said Larry Simpson. "But Mead Avenue, Summitview, parts of 40th, Lincoln, all these streets are terrible."

Ralph Villanueva and his family live on Mead Avenue. A section of the street from 10th Avenue to 10th Street will be repaired. Ralph said it's needed.

"I see a lot of accidents right here around this area," said Villanueva.

In fact, someone crashed into his parked car almost a year ago. He says new lights and traffic signs would help. The laundry list of work on the streets also includes adding wheelchair ramps at corners.

"It's a lot of money you know," said Villanueva. "At the end of the day, you know, it's taxpayers money. It comes out of everybody's pocket."

"It will be good if I know that my taxes are going to the road repairs where I live," said Ralph's father Raphael Villanueva.

Yakima is using two million dollars that voters approved in November. The city plans to sell bonds to cover the other $14 million for next year's work. Construction should begin when the weather warms up in April.

Ralph looks forward to a better Mead Avenue, but still wants more.

"There's a lot of kids you know that walk home from school, crosswalks would really help out," said Ralph.

Yakima's plan for the streets is three times larger than the work done in 2013. Giving new life to places that desperately need it.

Yakima City Council approved repairs for 23 streets next year. The locations could change depending on the results of the design plan.