Yakima tackling pothole problem with new material

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Bruce Rogers knows what it's like to have a bumpy ride home.

"We had kind of a small ditch in front of our driveway," said Bruce.

He's lived on Chestnut Avenue for more than 30 years. His ride will now be a lot smoother.

Crews are fixing potholes and large cracks with a new material called mastic. It lets them fix cracks and potholes that are wider than an inch quickly.

"Before, we would actually have to grind the old asphalt out and repave that at a lot higher expense,” said Yakima Streets and Traffic Manager Joe Rosenlund. “So this saves us in the long run quite a bit of money."

Yakima spent $10,000 more on the new mastic material than the old crack fill material.

Elizabeth Conlon likes seeing the work done on her street.

"It's stuff that needs to be done, and I'm just glad they have the money to do those things because there are a lot of streets that do need fixing."

Rosenlund says the material can handle the elements and should provide a long-term solution. The old crack fill material only delayed the deterioration.

"We won't have to keep coming back and seeing the same spot over and over again,” said Rosenlund. “We'll be able to move around the city and cover more of the city."

This is the first week the mastic is being used in Yakima outside of a trial period in the fall.

And, Bruce can say goodbye to his driveway ditch.

"Come see us this next year and we'll take a look at it again," said Bruce.

Potholes might have met their match.