Yakima shuts down new pot shop

Yakima shuts down new pot shop
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It looks like there are some people trying to get a head start when it comes to selling pot here in Yakima. Right now, the law is you can possess it. But, you can't sell it.

Still, one business in Yakima, Green Valley Wellness, planned a grand opening. According to its Facebook page, the plan was to start selling medical marijuana last week.

That is until Yakima put up red danger signs and shut them down.

"It was to be vacated immediately," said Yakima Code Enforcement Manager Joe Caruso. "And they advised us they would have their attorney contact our city attorney."

To get both sides of the story, I reached out to the owner.

"Right now, I really can't say anything because of my deal with my attorney," said Green Valley Wellness Owner, Carrie Chamberlin.

When we tried her attorney, we were told he's out of town. Still, the owners say they are not breaking any laws.

"I am within my legal rights," said Chamberlin.

The company took to Facebook asking Yakima to change its mind. But, Yakima tells us, without a business license and a new city ordinance the 'Danger' signs will stay put.

Yakima authorities tell us the owners and employees of Green Valley Wellness can go back to get their belongings. However, they will be arrested for trespassing if they start doing business.

The owners indicated on their Facebook page that they are still in business, just not on city property.