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Yakima pastor robbed before Sunday service

Yakima pastor robbed before Sunday service
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A Yakima pastor was held up before church services. The attack happened at Christ the King Church. KIMA learned there's been other criminal activity in the same area recently.

Businesses said the area near Seventh Avenue is known for trouble.

"We work at night,” said Bill Ellis. “A lot of times I don't get out here until after eight o'clock so that really concerns me."

"I work late at night so when I get off walking to my car it's a little bit scary,” said April Gentry. “It has been, but even more now."

Yakima Police said two people demanded cash from the pastor. When he didn't have any, they got away with a couple laptops instead.

The priest didn't want to share his story on camera.

Nearby workers at Prince Telecom told KIMA their cars get broken into and vandalized weekly. Someone also tried disabling the power to their building.

And earlier this month, Gimme Guns was burglarized. Someone rammed a car into the building to get inside. All of these stories have neighbors concerned.

"I'm just going to be looking more over my back because I haven't been doing that,” said Bill. “I just came in and go to work. It's making me be more aware now."

Businesses in the area said they'd like to see more police keeping an eye on the area around Christ the King after this most recent hold-up.

"I would feel more comfortable if there was more police patrol around here," said April.

YPD only has a vague description of the thieves and their getaway car.
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