Yakima neighbors duck for cover as bullets fly

Yakima neighbors duck for cover as bullets fly
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YAKIMA, Wash. -- People around three neighborhoods in Yakima felt as if they were under siege when a barrage of bullets sent them ducking for cover. Officers recovered 59 bullet shells in six hours. One man is in custody, but more are likely responsible.

Neighbors still can't believe the number of bullets that went flying across the city in just six hours. Three different locations wound up in the firing line. It started around eight along the 1200 block of McKinley Avenue.

"They just come running in, saying everybody get down, everybody get down” said Laura DiDomenico. “The shots were still going off at that point. We heard the shots coming through our leaves, even coming through the leaves of our trees."

A total of 32 casings were found in the alley, but neighbors say there were about 50 shots fired.
One bullet grazed a man on his side, another hit a car and a third nearly missed a man in this home.

"The gentleman that lives right here he said he actually felt his hair move,” said DiDomenico. “It came that close to him."

The second shooting happened Downtown on the corner of 3rd Street and MLK. It's not clear how many shots were fired there.

A third barrage of gunfire rang out on the 1700 block of West King Street where neighbors say they heard more than a dozen shots.

"It was real loud,” said neighbor Samuel Butler. “It was real close."

"Neighbors aren't the only ones who are shocked police say they don't know why so many shots were fired in one night and they don't think the three were connected.

"There is no way to predict that as you know,” said Captain Rod Light with the Yakima Police Department. “I mean we've had a pretty significant dry spell in terms of this activity."

Police are only identifying one as gang related. Motives for the other two are unknown. Police said they haven't identified any suspects in the McKinley and Third Street shootings. Officers made one arrest for the shooting on West King Street.