Yakima Valley wine gets international publicity

Yakima Valley wine gets international publicity

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- A victory for people who've been trying to make the Yakima Valley stand out more on the map. An international travel magazine rates our wine region very favorably compared to the highly publicized Napa Valley.

It's no secret around the Yakima Valley. There is some exceptional wine made here. A new article published in Condé Nast Traveler is making the point to its international readers.

"I think the truth is out there on a really great website," said Jessica Moskwa, general manager of Gilbert Cellars.

The article titled: "Skip Napa Valley. Visit Yakima Valley Instead" explains you can find high quality wine at affordable prices here.

"We've certainly always known that the Yakima Valley is a tremendous wine destination," said Moskwa.

It notes wine tasters can get all the romantic trappings of Napa, but without the same fuss and fees.

"Where Napa has some amazing fruits, the wines are lovely, I think that the Yakima Valley has certainly made a run for it," said Katherine Goodson, general manager of Kana Winery.

The article also mentions the scenery, food and breweries.

"I think if someone reads it and they get a taste of what we offer, then they can come and discover for themselves what venues they like," said Moskwa.

Besides showcasing the versatility and quality of local wines, it also promotes the growing economy.

The article was published Thursday in the daily traveler section of Condé Nast Magazine.