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Yakima County students participate in food drive

Yakima County students participate in food drive
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It’s a school challenge that has kids competing for a good cause. It's happening across Yakima County. The Kids for Cans food drive is hosted by Northwest Harvest.

"I get the feeling that I feel bad and I wish I could do something," said Highland High school student Alexis Mones.

And kids can do something. Collecting food for those in need right here in Yakima.

"They have no way to go get money and go get food and pay for their dinner for their family, take care of their family and so what if that was you?" said Alexis.

Students from Highland High school make their rounds every morning hoping this cart gets filled.

"It's nice to know that there are some people at our school that are willing to change something," said Alexis.

Here's how the challenge works. From November through January, schools can sign up for a four-week period to collect food. The winner is determined by ratio of food collected to students at the school.

"It's really exciting when we go to a classroom and they have 50 something cans," said Courtnie Johnson.

All food donated to Northwest Harvest stays local. One in four children struggles with hunger right here in our community.

"Last night I could've finished my dinner but no because I was full and with all that leftover I could've fed somebody else," said Alexis.

"Not all the people here can afford everything they need so it's important,” said Courtnie. “It's really cool that we get to give back."

It’s a fight against hunger our local students hope to make a dent in. Seven schools have signed up so far. Another four should be joining. More than 26,000 pounds of food were collected last year.
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