Yakima County rejects gay marriage, voters react to R-74

Yakima County rejects gay marriage, voters react to R-74
YAKIMA COUNTY -- Same sex marriage is passing in Washington at this hour but the referendum to uphold gay marriage isn't ahead by much.

The current vote count has 52 percent voting yes.

The Measure to legalize gay marriage failed here in Yakima County, with over 60 percent of voters rejecting R-74.

Still, supporters of the referendum say that really comes as no surprise given Yakima's conservative voting history.

But the results here locally aren't representative of the state as a whole.

Cheers from the democratic election party at the announcement that gay marriage could be a possibility.

"Me being an openly gay gentlemen...eventually when I find the right guy, I want to get married to," said R-74 Supporter Jason WIlson. "And, I think personally that no one else should tell me I can't marry the man I love."

Opponents at the Republican watch party maintain marriage was between a man and woman.

"Well, we know that we're not gay," said R-74 Opponent Anita Golladay. "I'm surprised, I'm appalled and because there's so many Christians, they know Biblically that it is incorrect, those that are gay know that it isn't right."

The passage of R-74 reaffirms the state's decision to legalize gay marriage.