Surveillance video shows purse being stolen outside Selah daycare

Surveillance video shows purse being stolen outside Selah daycare »Play Video
SELAH, Wash. -- A Yakima woman turned to KIMA for help after a thief made off with her purse. It happened outside a Selah daycare. The woman's purse was snatched right from her passenger seat. KIMA has the exclusive surveillance video.

It happened outside the Lighthouse Early Learning Center on South 3rd Street. Nicole Skogen went inside to drop off her two children. When she returned, her purse was gone.

"I felt, you know, really violated and empty. And then I was mad, and then I was sad."

Surveillance video shows the thief drive by the daycare center, seconds before Nicole arrives. She takes her kids inside, leaving her purse on the passenger seat and the front door unlocked. Moments later, the thief pulls up, runs to Nicole's car and yanks the purse.

"I would never expect anybody to be casing me either and watching me. I mean, that's a really uncomfortable feeling, too, to know that these people were watching me and watching me get my child out of the car."

It's not the first time a mom has been targeted at a local daycare parking lot. In 2011, KIMA reported six car break-ins at a facility on North Keys Road in Yakima and another center on Tieton.

"Anybody brazen enough to do this in broad daylight has to have real serious issues themselves," said Lighthouse owner Tina Snodgrass.

Tina told KIMA the break-in was the latest in a string of nearby incidents.

"This last year has been very active around here. Across the street, a car was keyed in the middle, you know, like at 9 o'clock at night. Two of our neighbors here were broken into last year. Firearms were stolen."

Crimes that are more disturbing considering so many children are playing nearby.

As for Nicole, she says she's learned her lesson.

"Just click the button and lock it. Try not to be in such a hurry."

Because you never know when a thief might be lurking right around the corner.

The purse snatching happened last Thursday. Nicole reported the crime to Selah police. So far, there are no leads.