Which N. 1st Street motels have the most police calls?

Which N. 1st Street motels have the most police calls?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The KIMA Crime Tracker looked into crime on North First Street in Yakima. Motels are hot spots for trouble because there are so many of them. Three motels accounted for more than half of all the calls to police on North First last year.

Drugs, violence, and prostitution.     

"For so long, it's gotten so out of hand," YPD Capt. Rod Light said.

North First Street has been a focus of YPD to clean up. A lot of crime happens at motels.
"They have digressed over a number of years," Light said.

I dug up the numbers to see just which motels get the most police calls. Last year, there were 1,251 calls about motels on North First. The worst offender: the Sunshine Motel. More than 300 calls came in to police about this property. Red Apple had 222, and the All-Star made the top three but still had about half the calls that the Sunshine did.

The owner of the Bali Hai motel has told me before that he's not part of the problem. And, the numbers would agree with that. Police were called to his property 39 times last year. The Motel 6 and Sun Country Inn rounded out the least number of calls with 37 apiece. The owner of the Bali Hai says he's committed to cleaning up North First.

"We are law-abiding citizen and also taxpayers, and we want to help them," Sonny Shah said.

Shah also says some of the 39 calls to his property were for sting operations that he was working with police on.

"As a good citizen, I am helping and I'm against for all those illegal activity," Shah said. "I'm helping police department."

Police say that's true. They look forward to comparing these same numbers once the year is over.

"It'll be interesting to see where we are this year and what kind of impact we're having on the process of cleaning up North First Street," Capt. Light said. 

Hopes that emphasis patrols decrease the crime rate.

These numbers are for all calls. Some of them are not directly connected to crime at the motel.