'When you see her move, it's hard not to cry'

'When you see her move, it's hard not to cry' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Each step 2-pound Itsy takes is a step in the right direction.

"When you see her move, it's hard not to cry," said Lane County Animal Services Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth Thompson.

The pint-sized Chihuahua almost didn't make it.

A group of walkers found Itsy in a Rubbermaid tub along the Willamette River bike path last week.

Itsy could barely walk, so they brought the abandoned pup to Lane County Animal Services.

"I've seen a ton of special needs dogs because I've fostered dogs for years and this one is pretty heart-wrenching," said Thompson.

Veterinarian Linda Davies is still trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with Itsy.

"I think she's probably got some other neurological problems besides the musculoskeletal type of defects that she has," said Davies.

A company in Montana has already offered to donate wheels for Itsy's front two paws.

"So right now it's kind of figure out if her back legs are strong enough to pull her and exactly what's going to be needed so that she could be fitted for wheels," said Thompson.

Itsy's prognosis is good. Davies said the dog is on her way to a happy, healthier life.

"I think she'll be fine in the right home," said Davies.

"As sad as the story is, honestly, it's a miracle because this dog is going to get the care she needs because she made it here," said Thompson.

Itsy is currently up for adoption right now but staff at LCAS want to keep her around a little longer so they can figure out exactly what's wrong with her.

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