Washington to get 60 more troopers on the road

Washington to get 60 more troopers on the road »Play Video
WASHINGTON STATE -- After a tough break for most agencies in the last legislative session, some are still coming out on top. Washington State Patrol will be hiring an additional 60 troopers this year. About 10 of those will be placed in our area, but recruiters expect hundreds to apply. State Patrol says this will make a big difference because right now they have lots of gaps in scheduling.

Deputy Chief David Karnitz explains, "That's fewer troops on the road, that means fewer drunk drivers being stopped and arrested, fewer speeders stopped, so the more we can be out there and promote safely, get those drunks of the road, the safer our roads will be."

Last year, more than half of the new trooper class came from Eastern Washington. Recruiters will be at Worksource in Kennewick on Thursday, May 3rd from 12-4, if you'd like to apply. Testing starts the next day at 8am.