Wapato High School hit by vandals

Wapato High School hit by vandals
WAPATO, Wash. -- The new high school being built in Wapato was hit by vandals earlier this week. Two people are under arrest, one of them being 14 years old.

"To have something like this happen, it is, I mean, the best word I can say is frustrating," said Mike Balmelli, community relations manager for Wapato School District.

Frustration is a shared feeling in Wapato.

"I was just really frustrated, like why would you do this?" said Jasmin Rivera, incoming Wapato High School senior.

Rivera is talking about the vandalism left behind on Tuesday. Police say 18-year-old Brandon Lee Wyman and a 14-year-old boy smashed windows, doors and a vending machine at the high school. A high school that is just a few weeks shy of completing an extensive makeover.

"It took so long and for somebody just to come vandalize it in just one night, you're going to hear about it for awhile," said Rivera.

The new school has become a center piece in Wapato.

"When we put the students in here for the first time, you want to talk about proud, holy smokes," Balmelli said.

Administrators say seven areas were damaged before the alarm sounded. Police say some of the 100 security cameras on campus helped catch the suspects. Court records say the suspects told detectives they were bored and hungry.

"That's our school and we were supposed to take care of it," said Rivera, "And for them just to come break stuff just because they wanted to, it's just a horrid thing to do."

"Let's just get it done and be proud of what it is and step back and admire it and not damage it," Balmelli said.

Despite the setback, the district still hopes all the work at Wapato High will be done and ready for students when classes begin. Court records put the damage at about $50,000. District administrators say they need to review everything before coming up with an exact amount.