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WA Public Transportation Forum comes to Yakima

WA Public Transportation Forum comes to Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Members of the senate made their way to Yakima on Tuesday tonight as part of the state's Public Transportation Forum.

It was standing room only as people from around the community came to voice their opinion.

One of the biggest items on the list for Yakima is the redevelopment of the Old Mill Site, which will need new interstate ramps.

A new interchange to the highway south of Union Gap is also on the top of the list.

Safe roads is of course a top priority, and goes with the state's Target Zero goal.

"To make sure that by 2030, we have zero deaths on our highway. That should mean a lot to you, because there are a lot of people who know somebody or know a family that has lost somebody and we don't want to have that happen," said a forum speaker.

Construction on I-82 is one of the state's most recent projects.
Budget cuts keep them from doing similar projects.
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