Union Gap city council addresses its moldy building problem

Union Gap city council addresses its moldy building problem
UNION GAP, Wash. -- Union Gap city council met Monday night to address mold issues that have plagued City Hall, the fire station and police department. Earlier this year, mold was discovered in all three buildings as a result of old and leaky roof tops. The council had two options: either repair them or relocate to another facility altogether.

Members unanimously approved nearly $53,000 from Union Gap's building reserve fund to the fire station for immediate repairs. However, they are holding off on the police department. They say a completely new facility might make more financial sense. Action News also learned a developer is interested in buying the current police station property.

"Putting money into a facility that we've already outgrown at this point is probably not the wisest decision," sais Union Gap Interim Police Chief Greg Cobb.

Union Gap authorities say it would be cheaper for City Hall to move into a newly constructed building with the library and police department rather than pay to repair the roof. The USDA has committed to giving Union Gap a grant for a new building.

"Most likely this won’t be a tax increase or need to be put on a ballot for voters to say, 'Yeah we need to raise your taxes to pay for this,'" said Union Gap Mayor Jim Lemon.

The project will be completed in three phases: demolition, setting up temporary portables and completing the new building design.

Action News asked how it felt having finally dealt with the mold issue.
“It's nice to know that we did have a problem and that we dealt with the problem,” said Lemon.

City Council says the library will continue to stay in the current facility until it's demolished next year. At that time, Union Gap residents will have still have access to services from other libraries nearby.