Two brush fires burn in Kittitas County

Two brush fires burn in Kittitas County
KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. -- There's no rest for weary firefighters in Kittitas County. Two brush fires are now burning out of control.

The ongoing Snag Canyon Fire has grown to 8,800 acres. It's 15 percent contained. Add to that the new South Cle Elum Ridge Fire at about 500 acres.

Crews are tackling the Kittitas County wildfires from every angle they can. A special crew used explosives to blow up rugged terrain blocking firefighters at the Snag Canyon Fire.

"The terrain just makes it too inaccessible and too difficult and dangerous to put crews in there," said Kelly Stover, a spokesperson for the Snag Canyon Fire.

The Snag Canyon Fire is growing, but mostly to the north/northeast away from homes. However, the wind is causing concern. It could blow the fire across containment lines. The concern is shared by people who live near the new South Cle Elum Ridge fire, which started Thursday.

"I imagine it could take right off if it wanted to," said Dan Griswold, a resident of Cle Elum.

People in Cle Elum are staying calm. No one's been told to leave home. They've been through this before when the Taylor Bridge Fire destroyed 60 homes.

"That one burnt real hot where this one's woods," said Brad Lanphere, a resident of Cle Elum. "I'm not near as concerned about this one."

Authorities say the top priority is to keep the flames south of the ridge and away from houses. Crews battled the fire from the air and ground on Friday. It is burning in an area filled with trees and wood. For now, far enough from private property.

"It is scary," said Casey Riach, a resident of Cle Elum. "There are a lot of things up there, a lot of different ways it could go."

Firefighters working the Snag Canyon are helping with the South Cle Elum Ridge fire until more support arrives. Support to put out the flames as quickly as possible.

So far, there are no mandatory evacuations in place for the South Cle Elum Ridge Fire. Level one evacuation notices are in effect for 15 homes.

Poor air quality has Kittitas County health officials warning people not to spend too much time outside. Especially, people with health conditions like asthma.