Track 29 won't be the end of the line for Russillo's

Track 29 won't be the end of the line for Russillo's »Play Video
Track 29

YAKIMA, Wash. -- New life for the last shop remaining at Yakima's Track 29. Russillo's Restaurant is moving next door into Yakima's Historic Train Depot Building.

Neighbors say it might be the spark needed to revitalize the area.

The owners will pack up for a short trip to the other side of the tracks. The popular Italian restaurant is moving to the nearby Yakima Train Depot.

Lenette Roehl owns a flower shop across the street.

"That building is beautiful. It needs to be utilized and I think it's great that they're moving there," Roehl said.

A Russillo's customer herself, she's happy the restaurant is staying downtown.
"Well, of course the pizza," she said.

Lenette is one of many I spoke with who say moving into the Train Depot might breathe new life into the historic building. 
"If Russillo's does well, others will come," said Kathy Rice.

Workers are already making improvements inside.

Russillo's is gutting just about the entire property, bringing in everything new. But they are leaving behind some of the old-fashioned charm including custom wood work, sky-high ceilings and the original brick walls.

The Train Depot is currently owned by the railroad. Yakima city officials told KIMA the city wants to buy the property and lease out the space. They're applying for grants to help pay for it. It's expected to be a long process to take over the property.
Kathy says she hopes the process picks up speed to lay the tracks for even more local stores to open shop.
"Every day it surprises me how many people are in from out of town and it's great to send them someplace local," she said.

A small pizza shop igniting a fresh flame downtown.

Yakima was recently denied a $750,000 grant it was hoping to use to buy the Train Depot. Russillo's expects to open the new location before August 1st.