Three possible locations for permanent homeless shelter

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Ray Tapia and his friend support having a permanent homeless shelter in their neighborhood. Roy's Market at Sixth and Walnut Street is one spot being considered for the facility.

"That can be real nice, perfect cause there's a lot of people around here that don't have no place to stay though," said Ray Tapia.

The building that's currently operating as a business isn't the only option. The Homeless Network of Yakima County is also looking at an old nursing home on 10th Street and MLK Boulevard.

A third possibility is the old Department of Social Health Services on Lincoln Avenue.

Tim Sullivan is one of the project's leaders and says a building would be a big step.

"It will address the issue of the public homelessness. It will impact the chronic homeless that are an issue in the community or problem in the community into programs and services and housing so they are no longer a nuisance," said Tim Sullivan.

Right now, the homeless network is trying to find the best place at the best price. After buying a building comes renovations. Renovations alone could cost about two-and-a-half-million dollars.

While no deal is done, Sullivan says the network is leaning toward the Roy's Market location because it's closer to other services for the homeless. Neighbors hope it works out for everyone.

"Maybe clean it up a little better, not having as many people out all hours of the night, maybe less crime," Sandra Hunt who lives near a potential shelter spot.

Most of the money would come from state grants.
Sullivan hopes to have a building bought by the end of the month.

The Homeless Network originally wanted to open the shelter last November. But, couldn't secure a location and meet the safety standards in time.