'They don't get to graduate, live their lives, have families'

'They don't get to graduate, live their lives, have families'

GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- A tragic accident near Grandview Tuesday night killed two 16-year-old boys and left a 17-year-old boy on life support.

Passengers Kevin Lopez-Gonzalez and Carlos Ochoa were killed while the driver Jovanni Razo is in critical condition.

Benton County deputies say their car flipped several times before landing in a tree.

Friends and family spent the morning at the site of the crash remembering their loved ones on a day no one thought would come. The day friends and family must refer to two young loved ones in the past tense.

"It's been hard," said friend Steven Zwicker. "We all knew them. We grew up together."

Both Carlos Ochoa and Kevin Lopez only got 16 years to grow up. But, with each rose, it's clear those years made an impact. One by one, red and white flowers take the place of a memory.

"I can't believe he is gone right now," said Efren Torres, Carlos Ochoa's cousin. "It feels really weird being here."

Car parts, broken glass and even a t-shirt belonging to one of the teens are all reminders of what happened just hours before -- reminders of what will never be the same.

"All of our friends, they don't get to graduate, live their lives, have families. They're in a better place now, but it's hard," Zwicker said.

Like warriors, more than a dozen teens stood in line to honor Carlos, Kevin and Jovannie Wednesday morning.

Deputies say speed was the main factor in this crash. The driver lost control of the car after rounding a curve.

Investigators say there's no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved. They have not ruled out a mechanical failure.

All three go to Grandview High School. Administrators called in additional grief counselors to work with the students.