Sheriff: Suspect turns streets into demolition derby with patrol cars

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  • Joseph Williams Mug
  • Police car rammed by suspect truck
  • Police car rammed by suspect truck
  • Truck missed police car, hit parked Honda
  • Sideswiped
Linn County Sergeant Shawn Fielders in a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria patrol car located Williams and avoided additional attempts by Williams to ram his patrol car. Sgt. Fielders was able to get in front of Williams, who then attempted to ram Sergeant Fielder's car with the front of his pickup. Fielders was able to turn his patrol car around in an attempt to avoid Williams' ramming attempts, but the pickup sideswiped the patrol car, caving in the driver side door and totaling the car, the sheriff said. Sgt. Fielders received minor facial cuts from the broken side window glass.