Selah planning millions of dollars in fixes to city roads

Selah planning millions of dollars in fixes to city roads »Play Video
SELAH, Wash. -- Some of Selah's busy streets need an upgrade. The city is spending millions on them over the next few years. KIMA learned what's being done and when you will see the work.

If you're planning an evening stroll, don't come here. There are no sidewalks near South 3rd Street and Valleyview Avenue.

"People walking up the middle of the streets all night, all times of the day and night," said Mickey Mackey.

Mickey lives in the neighborhood. He welcomes Selah's plans for a new street, lights and sidewalks.

"This is a great idea," he said. "We've been waiting for this for years."

Mickey will have to wait a few more. Construction here could start in 2020 on the $2 million project.

However, construction might begin next year on Goodlander Road, from North Wenas to North 1st. A second phase would start in six years.

A grind and overlay project could take over North 1st Street, from Fremont to Goodlander, in 2016. The state and city would split the nearly $1 million cost.

A section of South 3rd Street near Robert Lince Elementary could also be refurbished in several years with federal money.

East Naches Avenue also made the list. Selah plans to redo the stretch from Wenas to Railroad.

Susana Nichols works nearby at Sweet Beez Café. She says having construction workers there would help business.

"They come to have breakfast and lunch, and now we're open for dinner, so it's going to be great for business," she said.

The project would cost the city and state roughly $1.4 million.

Selah also plans to extend South Wenas Road, from 5th Avenue down to 11th. The price tag? More than $3 million in city funds.

More projects are scheduled for Southern Avenue, Park Avenue and other sections of Valleyview.

All part of the city's drive to make Selah's streets well worth traveling.

The projects are part of Selah's Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program that runs from 2015 to 2020. The plans are not set in stone. Projects could be delayed and new projects added.