School zone signs to be installed near elementary school

School zone signs to be installed near elementary school
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- KIMA received your calls about speeders near Terrace Heights Elementary School. Parents wanted to see school zone signs on Terrace Heights Drive.

KIMA is taking action for you and brought your concerns to the East Valley School District.

It's a busy road that parents worry about. Kids cross Terrace Heights Drive before and after school each weekday. Deborah Stuker sees how busy it is when she walks her daughter.

"This road's extremely busy especially around this time of day," said Deborah.

Crossing guards said they see drivers just zoom on by. Shari Elliott talks about the close calls. She said she's even almost been hit by cars on Terrace Heights Drive.

"Even when we're out in the crosswalk crossing kids, they'll cut before the kids are coming across the street," said Shari.

Parents wanted to see a school zone posted on this four-lane road. KIMA contacted the East Valley School District to let them know about your concerns. Following our calls, school zone signs will be installed on Terrace Heights Drive this week.

The speed limit will be lowered to 20 miles per hour during school crossing hours. Flags will be posted to alert drivers.

"I just know that there's times where you're sitting at the light or something and you see them zip right by and it's a concern," said grandparent Joan Kuck.

"People don't always pay attention to pedestrians as much,” said Deborah. “There's not a lot of pedestrian traffic right here, so I don't think people are aware of it."

YSO said it will patrol the area more often if they receive complaints.

Yakima County Commissioners approved designating the area as a school zone in 2010. But, signs were taken down when the school was vacant for construction.