'You never know when it's going to fall in on you'

'You never know when it's going to fall in on you' »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Health conditions and safety are being called into question at a Yakima mobile home complex. People living in the Golden Villa Mobile Home Park say they're dealing with standing water and sewage underneath their homes. They tell us managers, owners and the city aren't helping.

"You can see where it's sinking," said neighbor Carol Lane.

Like a ship going under, Carol watches her house sink and water fill the space underneath.

"Take a swim if you'd like," said resident Lila Robison.

Lila lives with half a foot of water below her home. There are cracks in her ceiling and foundation. She lives in fear just doing the dishes.

"You never know when it's going to fall in on you," said Lila.

The problems have been ongoing for years, only getting worse overtime. Neighbors say no one is listening. Carol has filed a lawsuit.

"We would like them to just come in here and make our homes healthy," said Carol.

Carol has an arsenal of proof on her side. Pictures, property plans and unreturned letters sent to the owners.

KIMA also tried tried to contact the manager and the owners with no luck.

Action News took it a step further and called Yakima's city attorney who tells me he's aware of the problems. Yakima says the park's original plans were approved by the city. And, now the responsibility falls solely on the property owners.

"This house needs to be removed," said Carol.

Carol says the lawsuit is underway. For now, she's forced to wait aboard her sinking ship.

The mobile home park's owners are based in Arizona and the West Side. To get all sides, KIMA tried them repeatedly. Our calls were not returned.