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Pro-gun rally brings heavy support

Pro-gun rally brings heavy support
YAKIMA, Wash.-- Hundreds of pro-gun protesters gathered at Millennium Plaza in Yakima today to peacefully fight against proposed gun regulations. They called it the Central Washington Day of Resistance.

Flowers were used as signs of peace while protesters gathered in Yakima to fight for their right to bear arms. And for the event, they brought out the big guns, literally. All generations came out with a message. Some with their guns, others with signs, but all with their voice.

"I think if we don't stand up for our rights then we're going to lose our rights," said Phil Bentz, who served in the Army Reserves.

He wants everyone to have the freedom he fought for.

"A lot of us here and all across the country fought for our constitutional rights," he said.

"Rights" some people don't think includes dangerous weapons.

"Cops should be the only ones that carry guns except for people that are hunting," said Sharon Jenks, who walked by the rally.

Sharon's opinion wasn't a popular one today at the rally. Parents like Flo Quirez brought young children to witness the rally and learn about current legislation.

"I think it's very important for my children to be, to think that they can fight for whatever that they believe in and to stand up for whatever their choices are," Quirez said.

But protesters and bystanders had different opinions about the crowd of hundreds.

"It's about union and people heard more in groups than they are as just one individual person," Quirez said.

Bystanders were weary of the amount of guns in a small space.

"Suppose you went up to them and irritated them and then they get irritated at you and pull the gun at you," said Robert Jenks who also walked by the rally.

Police showed up to make sure everything remained peaceful, and it did even as a contentious debate grows by the day.
Yakima fire dept. spaghetti feed to benefit burn foundation Yakima fire dept. spaghetti feed to benefit burn foundation