Police continue to search for suspect who shot 6-year-old

Police continue to search for suspect who shot 6-year-old »Play Video

SUNNYSIDE, Wash.-- Police are still looking for the shooter responsible for firing into a Sunnyside home and sending a six-year-old boy to the hospital. KIMA learned he's recovering in Seattle. Investigators say it happened at a well-known gang home that's had a lot of attention in the past.

"'There was gunshots mom. There was three or four of them and somebody got shot,'" an anonymous neighbor KIMA is calling 'Mary' said as she explained a phone call she received Tuesday night. "And then she calls me back and says 'mom, one of the little kids got shot.'"

It was a call that made Mary want to get home to her kids as soon as possible. A six-year-old boy was playing in his room. Police say shots fired from outside by apparent gang rivals of his family came through the wall.

"I've watched those babies all summer ride their bikes and play outside and I just, I knew which one it was right away," she said. "It just made me cry, broke my heart."

Police investigated through the night. The child was taken to Seattle. His family tells me the six-year-old had surgery and is now stable.
"That's not fair," the neighbor said. "He's not a part of that you know. Just because other people want to do their thing. It's not fair to him."

Neighbors like Mary have seen the violence in the area. Despite that, she feels safe in her neighborhood.

"It's a beautiful neighborhood," she said. "We have a couple known gang houses, but usually don't have too much problems."

Police say that they've responded to this house numerous times for different gang incidents. It is better this year. Police have responded to the house twice. That's down from seven times last year.

Sunnyside has made a push to go after troubled property through its Crime Free housing program. But, that only applies to rentals. This home is owned by someone who lives here.

Police have not made any arrests in the case or identified a suspect. Investigators are looking to see if local ordinances make it possible to cite the homeowner.