Dozens of students compete at 'Poetry Out Loud'

Dozens of students compete at 'Poetry Out Loud' »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Using the art of writing to keep kids on the straight and narrow. That was the goal at a massive poetry competition in the Yakima Valley on Sunday. More than 40 kids competed. English teachers from around the valley signed up their best poets. The competition has been held for six years and helps kids tap into their creative side while staying out of trouble.

"Some poetry to help memorize poems would help them from all this gang that could go on. It's a good distraction for kids," said Sunnyside student Gavin O’leary.

The winners from Sunday's competition will go on to the state level, where the winner will receive a $200 scholarship. And if they make it to the nationals, they’ll win a $20,000 scholarship.