Parent: 'We deserve to know who's teaching our children'

Parent: 'We deserve to know who's teaching our children'

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Action News hasn't stopped following the investigation into two Sunnyside High School teachers accused of providing inappropriate material to students.

Sasha Mike and Maria Preston have been on paid leave for months, but the teachers union wants to prevent you from knowing why.

KIMA filed requests for the public records, but the teachers' union then filed a lawsuit against us.

They're pictures you've seen before.

Two women known to Sunnyside students as teacher, known to the community as a bad example and to parents as the women who gave sexually-explicit information to their children.

"I'm angry that the process hasn't been taken care of sooner; that we have to keep going on and this keeps being brought up. The punishment needs to be swift and just and then move on," said a Sunnyside parent who wanted to remain anonymous.

But this story has turned into anything but swift. The Teachers' Union representing the teachers has sued KIMA twice in order to withhold any and all information from me and you.

"These teachers have actually hired lawyers to say the public doesn't deserve to know this information. How do you feel about that?" KIMA asked.

"That upsets me because me because we deserve to know who is teaching our children and what they're teaching them," the parent said. "And if it's not appropriate we deserve to know those teachers are gone."

The Sunnyside School District confirms both teachers aren't in the classroom and haven't been since mid-October.

But they're still getting a paycheck, with your money, while a decision hung in the balance.

Action News spent thousands of dollars on lawyers to be able to tell you the district reprimanded Preston for giving sexually-explicit poems to her students. Ms. Mike was also reprimanded, but for an unknown reason.

But now our resources have run dry. KIMA didn't want to give up, so we reached out to the Attorney General's office for help on getting public records released.

For now the district is being tight-lipped on the whole ordeal. However, parents said they've been told, "We will do the right thing for the kids."

It's unclear if the "right thing" might mean not telling you the details about the very teachers with salaries you pay for.

KIMA also knows at least one of the teachers is considering filing a sexual harassment suit against Maria Preston. It's not clear if the union would still support her if those charges are filed.