New pot store about to open in Union Gap

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UNION GAP, Wash. -- When pot stores open in the state next week, a business in Union Gap will be among them. The owner says he once thought it would never happen. KIMA got a first look at the new place and what you can expect inside.

Adam Markus has a case of the jitters.

"I'm scared to death."

He's the owner of Station 420, a new pot shop set to open on Main Street in Union Gap. Next week's grand opening is two years in the making.

"The application process has been long and difficult."

Markus says he's jumped through hoops with the state liquor control board. And, weathered the changing minds of city leaders. Not to mention, the sheer investment.

"I've cashed in all my retirement accounts. I depleted all my savings accounts. And, this is the make-or-break moment."

That moment is next Tuesday. When customers can walk in and buy weed legally. Glass products are offered in the front, pot is in the back.

Markus already has two employees. He's taking applications for a handful of other positions.

It all looked pretty casual. But, looks can be deceiving.

There will be a security guard here at the front door, checking IDs. IDs will be checked again at the point of purchase. There, there's the security cameras. Sixteen in total. Plus, bars on the windows.

As for the pot, it's still with the supplier. There's been concerns the supply won't be there. Growers only got their OKs shortly before the stores were allowed to open. Markus says he'll stock his merchandise at the last minute for security reasons.

"Supply is huge issue. And, we have several contingency plans in place, but even those could go south quickly."

I wondered what Markus' future neighbors think about all this. Juan Hernandez works at Treal Cuts, a barber shop next door.

"I think it's really going to help Union Gap, money-wise and everything, because it's going to get more people down here."

A prediction that has Markus crossing his fingers.

Markus says his pot will cost roughly $17 to $25 per gram. According to him, that's about two to three times more than the black market.