New candidate enters Yakima County Sheriff's race

New candidate enters Yakima County Sheriff's race
JIM KEIGHTLEY NEWS RELEASE -- With this release I am formally announcing my intent to run for the office of Yakima County Sheriff.

This was a decision made after serious consideration. I have been carefully observing the unfolding election process with great interest. As a longtime member of the law enforcement profession I have a vested interest in our local law enforcement agencies, and the men and women in those agencies who have dedicated their lives to serving the communities in which we live.

I have been disappointed as I have watched what can be described as an absence of direction and leadership within our Sheriff’s Office. All too often we have learned of a mishandled criminal investigation. The issues we are seeing are unacceptable and must be addressed now.

It is with a sense of urgency that I have decided to run for Sheriff. I am confident I have the skill set and leadership strength the next Sheriff must have to set the necessary changes in motion needed to right the course for the future of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office. The next Sheriff must have the skills, abilities and strength of character to immediately step in and make the changes needed.

Of the candidates who have announced their intent to run three of them currently or previously served in the Sheriff’s Office. I believe that to truly move the Sheriff’s Office in a new direction the next Sheriff must come from outside the current organizational culture.

Nothing I have shared is meant to be, nor should it be taken as a criticism of the men and women of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office who go to work every day dedicated to providing our citizens the very best service they can provide. Each time they put on the uniform they bring the same level of professionalism and dedication to the law enforcement profession that all of us seek to provide.

When leadership is committed to a culture of professional excellence the outstanding men and women of the Sheriff’s Office will respond. They deserve strong experienced leadership with a progressive vision for the future.

As Sheriff I will have one single goal, create an organizational culture of professionalism, accountability and quality service to our citizens. We will create a culture in which the hard-working dedicated professionals that come to work every day caring about the public safety and law enforcement services they provide are proud to say they work for the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, an agency with the reputation as the best in the State of Washington.