Yakima neighbors look for ways to beat the heat

Yakima neighbors look for ways to beat the heat »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Another day in the triple digits around the Yakima Valley. It's not easy to stay outside for long. And, yes it can be dangerous. KIMA went out looking for different things you can do to survive the scorching conditions.

You read it right: 101 degrees.

"It's very uncomfortable."

Forcing people indoors and to the store. Seeking any relief from the blistering heat.

"These are one of our misting wands."

Brandon Crookshank works at Lowe's in Yakima.

"Hook up to any standard hose. Two nozzles at the top here."

He helps customers find all sorts of heat-busting items. And, they're flying off the shelves.

Of course, air conditioners and fans. There are also misting fans. And, something called the Endura Cool instant cooling towel.

Wet, wring, snap and wrap to stay cool for a couple of hours. There's also another version.

"The wrap you can put right around your neck and throw over your head," says Brandon.

I found Rich Tabayoyan in the sprinkler section. He has his own strategy.

"We've taken a squirter, turned it on mist and hung it way up high by the porch so that it sprays mist all over the yard, and it keeps the yard probably ten degrees cooler."

His dog, Diesel, is part of the plan. He cools down in a half-filled old bathtub Rich put in the yard while remodeling the bathroom.

If you're sick of your sticky shirt, head to Cabela's. There, you can find wicking and cooling shirts for sale.

"When you sweat, it turns your sweat into coolness throughout your body," explains Cabela's employee, Elizabeth Hudson.

When you're done with the day, take it off and splash around in a wading pool.

Rhonda Mesa lives in Yakima.

"We just take my little sister, get wet and we just hose down with the hose."

I asked Rhonda if she plans to get in, too.

"Yeah, probably."

Way more fun than standing in front of the air conditioner all day.