Moxee lifts ban on growing & processing pot

Moxee lifts ban on growing & processing pot »Play Video
MOXEE, Wash. -- "There will be plants throughout this entire area," said Paul Weaver about his warehouse, where Weaver's Flower Company used to reside.

Soon, a marijuana production facility will fill the space.

The family company used to focus on dried flowers in the late 70s, and now the owner says it's all coming full circle.

"Marijuana is actually a dried flower," said Weaver. "So here we are: start and finish from the same sort of product."

Paul Weaver is in the process of getting a state permit from the Liquor Control Board to legally produce pot. That process started months ago. Now Paul's dream of operating his new company, Orgrow, is nearing.

"We're just coming to the finish line," Weaver said.

Paul expects to get approval in just a few weeks. Then, it's a final sign-off from the city of Moxee. The city just tossed its ban on growing pot for recreational use.

"The city of Moxee has been forward-thinking enough to allow me to grow," Weaver said.

Moxee City Council says it didn't get complaints about growing pot, only about selling it legally. A retail ban is still in effect, but a decision to change that could come in six months.

"We've been known as the hop capital of the world; I don't know if we want to be known as a pot capital of the world," said Byron Adams, a Moxee City Supervisor.

Weaver sees this as an exciting business opportunity for his old family's warehouse.