More green needed for Union Gap’s mold fiasco

More green needed for Union Gap’s mold fiasco »Play Video
UNION GAP, Wash. -- The city’s mold problem is turning into a very costly fix. It's also got the city scrambling to find suitable offices for all their employees and agencies. Thursday night, the council dug even deeper into their pocketbook, $32,000 deeper.

The total cost for prepping the District 11Fire building for court use is now up to $57,000. Originally, the space was only supposed to be used for two to six months, but now, KIMA’s learned it could be more long term.

"We had all the infrastructure we had to bring into the building for computer systems, internet, phone systems, and all the other support and services,” said Fire Chief Chris Jensen. “We have to do all that in a (certain) way because the courts have sensitive documents."

City council did consider renting an existing courthouse from the county at roughly $2,000 a month, plus rend for court clerks, bringing the total cost to $3,000. The council said the District 11 facility proved to be the best choice in the end based on both money and location.

Construction begins Monday, and court is scheduled to be back up and running by the 14th.

All the money used for the project is coming from reserve funds.