More businesses on the way in West Yakima

More businesses on the way in West Yakima »Play Video
(Action News photo)
YAKIMA, Wash. -- More and more businesses are moving into West Yakima. Panda Express is set to open next month near Walmart.

Construction on that restaurant is well-underway. Several of the lots stood near Walmart sat vacant until recently.

KIMA learned a zoning permit was recently approved for a coffee shop in that area as well.

The city planning department says the business has yet to apply for a building permit but new development is always welcome.

"Up until the last couple of years, before the Walmart and Walgreens was out here it was mostly residential and agricultural land. So I'm glad to see that there's more business moving out here," said Trevor Corcoran who lives nearby.

Panda Express is expected to open next month.