Miller, Randall & Franklin parks had the most reported incidents in 2013

Miller, Randall & Franklin parks had the most reported incidents in 2013 »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- All the peace and quiet you expect when you go to the park is no guarantee. They deliver most of the time, but they're not immune to crime here in Yakima. KIMA pulled the numbers and found out which parks had the most problems reported to police.

Look around Randall Park and you can see why neighbors love it. Picnic benches, ducks and a playground for the kids. Laura Haddix is a regular.

"I feel entirely safe whenever I come over. I've never seen any problems, had any problems."

But, KIMA pulled the numbers from YPD and found another side. Over the past three years, neighbors reported five assaults in Randall Park, three incidents of malicious mischief or vandalism, and some drug dealing. While I was there, I could smell pot coming from the parking lot.

Police had more reports coming from Miller Park. Calls for burglaries, robberies, shots fired and sex crimes. In Franklin Park, there were more reports of drugs.

Miller, Randall and Franklin parks had the most reported incidents last year.

YPD stresses, however, these calls don't indicate anyone was arrested. Or, that a crime was actually committed.

"Many of them are unfounded calls," said YPD spokesperson Capt. Rod Light.

However, the sheer number of calls for Miller Park over the last three years suggests a problem there.

"It's the East Side of town," said Capt. Light. "We know there's a particular criminal element that hangs out and thus, we get criminals joining to together. You get criminal acts taking place."

YPD officers regularly patrol the parks. And, police say everyone should still feel safe at all of them. Laura would like to see more.

"They can try to increase the patrols of the areas, just driving through the parking lot is making it known their presence in the area."

Areas that look safe and most often are. But, still need you to pay attention to what's around you.

YPD reminds you that whenever you go to the park or any public place for that matter, be aware of your surroundings and keep a close eye on the kids.