Military tanks moving from Yakima facility

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An Iraqi military tank is lifted into the air Thursday as it begins its trip from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve facility in Yakima to its new home at the Yakima Training Center.
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's not every day you see a couple of military tanks being lifted into the air in Yakima, but Thursday was one of those days.

The tanks are the first part of a big move for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. They're moving from their facility near the Tahoma Cemetery to the Yakima Training Center.

The Marines have two tanks. One is an Iraqi tank captured during Operation Desert Storm. It's been in Yakima since the 1990s. The other is an American tank that's been in Yakima since the '60s.

Marine Capt. Jared Rains says moving the tanks is a significant moment.

"These have been a landmark for the city to let them know, 'Hey, the Marines are here,' so it's kind of a bittersweet moment for us to be leaving Yakima."

The Marines should be moved into their new training facility by the end of May.