Mercury threatens downtown Yakima homes

Mercury threatens downtown Yakima homes
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yet another threat for a Yakima neighborhood targeted by a series of bomb attacks. If this week's explosions weren't scary enough, folks near 11th Avenue and Chestnut have a new worry. The bomb blasts left behind traces of mercury, which have the potential to kill.

A total of six bombs went off Thursday. Five of the devices were made from water bottles. The remaining device was a pipe bomb found in a nearby garage and it's giving investigators the biggest concern. Remnants from the bomb contained high amounts of mercury beads.

And that's what so scary about this whole thing. Neighbors feel those mercury beads could be ingested by pets--- or worse, children.

EPA and the city are working together to mop up this mess. Contractors came out to start paving the large parking lot that bore the brunt of the damage where most the mercury beads were found.

Cathy Parker of the United States Environmental protection Agency said they will clean up this mess as fast as they can. For now, they'll be paving over the parking lots, all so the mercury doesn't become airborne.

Police don't yet have any suspects in this case. They're also unsure of a motive.