Major drop in speed limit for Moxee street

Major drop in speed limit for Moxee street »Play Video
MOXEE, Wash. -- There's been a major drop in the speed limit for a street in Moxee. Part of Mieras Road went from 50 mph to 35.

It's the stretch from Ekelman Road to Birchfield Road. You can still drive 50 miles an hour east of Beaudry Road.

Moxee annexed part of Mieras Road, and engineers determined there were safety concerns.

People who live along the road say there have been too many close calls.

"When I pull in my own driveway here, I've had people try to pass me with my signal lights on, and they're doing about 50, they come around that corner and they floor it," said Thomas Dodds.

Eight accidents happened on the street in the last three years. There have been three speeding tickets in that zone since the change in April, as opposed to one all of last year.