Local pot trade association determined to operate businesses in Yakima County

Local pot trade association determined to operate businesses in Yakima County »Play Video
Mitch Gordon is in the business of marijuana. He heads up a medical marijuana office. But now Mitch is beginning to focus on growing and processing of recreational pot.

"It's quite a roller coaster...it goes up and it goes down but it has not, absolutely won't stop," said Mitch, the co-owner of Professional Cannabis Systems.

So Mitch is working with CAUSE - M. It stands for the Committee for Adult Use Standards and Ethics of Marijuana. The non-profit was founded here in Yakima. The head of CAUSE- M describes the organization as trying to put a professional face on the pot industry, as well as provide internal guidelines and regulations for safety.

"Our goal is to self-regulate and take the burden and concerns of our community onto our own shoulders and to go forward in the best possible manner," said Jedidiah Haney, the executive director of CAUSE-M.

CAUSE-M also plans to advocate for local pot businesses. They've been spreading the word by taking part in public hearings about recreational marijuana. The group is trying to eliminate a stigma.

"We're not trying to promote drug use,” said Jedidiah.

But CAUSE-M wants Yakima County to allow pot businesses. It doesn't support what they call a "drawn out decision."

Yakima County Commissioner Mike Leita defends the extended moratorium. He says it has given the county a chance to listen to all sides.

"We are giving all due respect for all opinions that are being brought before us, in turn when we make a decision we would hope that those people that had been given our respect would respect our decision," said Leita.

If pot sales are banned by local cities, CAUSE-M says it will use litigation to support legal businesses.

"Cause M will do what Cause M will has to do to make sure that our doors can stay open," said Mitch.

CAUSE-M was at the public hearing on marijuana in Moxee tonight.